Our own raw materials are blended with other minerals from selected suppliers.
Different refractory mixes are available to cover a wide range applications and specifications of temperature, thermal shock and chemical attack. Outstanding results are achieved even with very short cycles and severe chemical attack: pet-coke-operatedkilns or clays with high alkali content.


Our manufacturing is 100% based on extrusion. All usual refractories are a mix of refractory grog and refractory clay. The structure of this mix is essentially different depending on the manufacturing process.
Extrusion provides the best microstructure, where the grog grains are embedded in a massive clay matrix. For a given chemical composition, extruded refractory, if correctly manufactured, provides better thermal shock resistance and chemical attack resistance.
When the mix is forced through the die, it behaves essentially as a liquid. Pressure distribution is uniform, allowing the manufacturing of extremely large parts with a perfect internal structure. Alternative manufacturing processes like dry press shape the parts using granular mixes that make it much more difficult to get uniform pressure distributions.

On top of this, our shaping method provides us additional advantages:

  • Great freedom in shapes design with few manufacturing constraints.

  • Possibility to use hollow designs in order to get lighter and stronger linings.

  • Big formats are possible with constant material properties.

  • New dies for new designs are relatively inexpensive.

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