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The new KILN WALLS COMPONENTS system developed
by FORGESTAL is designed to replace the pressed brick wall. The quality of the refractory material and the design come together to provide increased performance over old solutions.

These components allow the Kiln Builder to provide his customers with Kiln Walls that are more cost effective and performing.


  • The system is all extruded, therefore providing the excellent well known and time proven performance and reliability of kiln car linings: chemical attack and thermal shock resistance.

  • The dovetailing of the blocks in one direction and the broken joint line in the other provide a superior strength against eorts perpendicular to the wall plane.

  • The double leaf concept, with a wearing layer, applies in case of a very strong chemical attack.

  • The blocks are perforated and filled with insulating concrete and/or ceramic fiber. This provides additional insulation compared to traditional wall, resulting in lower energy consumption and allows reducing the thickness of the walls while maintaining the desired thermal performance.

  • The interlocking with the kiln car is made in one piece, improving the strength of the wall in this area particularly sensitive to accidental contacts with the cars or lodged debris.

  • The system can be applied for anchored and non anchored walls, and also for loaded or non loaded wall.

Advantages compared with conventional dry pressed brick walls:

  • Shorter assembling time and cheaper construction because of the increased size of the blocks and lower density of the wall.

  • Lower weight, thus reducing transport and logistic costs.

  • The system is planned for the thicknesses one foot and one and a half foot. Other dimensions can be studied on request.

  • Forgestal can supply the walls with or without assembly.

  • The blocks are cut to exact dimensions and allow for a thin mortar layer. Assembly becomes much easier.

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