The basic Forgestal/Campo design, features:

  • Integrated protection of refractory hangers against contact with the kiln atmosphere so avoiding them being damaged by chemical attack, always present in real kilns in a higher or lower degree.

  • Alternative “double leaf” design allowing for easy change of damaged facing leaf in cases of an extremely high chemical attack, as in cases with very high alkali containing clays.

  • Simple and easy to assemble metal hangers system that, combined with precision refractory hangers, allows for an easy and precise assembling without need of individual adjustments.

  • Airtight design option.

The basic modular design can be adapted to the specific requirements of Kiln Builders and is also easy to use for partial repairs of damaged roofs.



In collaboration with the Kiln Builder we manufacture parts that bring together the advantages his roof design with the benefits of our refractory.
The suspended roof refractories manufactured by Forgestal are specifically designed to provide solutions to Kilns Suppliers for a wide range of different conditions of use: kiln operating temperatures, aggressive chemical attack from the kiln atmosphere
or mechanical strength.
We work with our partners to develop jointly specific and personalized solutions, and to supply the refractory parts of their roofs, to fulfill the final customers’ needs and expectations.


  • Systems built entirely with extrusion parts which bring the excellent properties show on many occasions and for a long time in the kiln car refractory linings: resistance to chemical attack and to thermal shock.

  • Easy to adapt to dierent thicknesses of insulation, size and kiln systems, due to the flexibility that allows the extrusion shaping method.

  • The assembly of the roof is made in dry with expansion joints in fibre. Mortars are not used.

  • All the systems are studied in detail taking into account issues such as ease of assembly and repair, supporting redundancy for higher safety, air tightness of the roof and protection of key parts from the kiln atmosphere.

  • Advanced solutions for a durable air tightness of the roof.

  • The metallic fixation for hangers and for the burner tubes is very simple and without any bolt.

  • Suitable to both ventilated suspended roofs and air sealed roofs.



  • Well balanced combination of good mechanical strength, robustness and supports redundancy with a good resistance to chemical attack.

  • The hangers are protected from the kiln atmosphere, preventing it to be attacked by its chemical aggressiveness.

  • Redundancy of hangers supporting every slab of the roof. Even in case of failure of the four hangers supporting a slab, it would remain in its position.


  • The perforated slabs allow the filling with insulating material, thereby resulting in less temperature of the cold side of the plate.


  • Apart of the fact that the material used is especially designed for chemical attack (that also apply to the other systems), the system
    allows the exchange of slabs attacked without completely removing the roof and its insulation.

  • The roof is made with doubled slabs. The upper slab is hanging on the hangers, supports the insulating layer and it is isolated from the kiln atmosphere. The lower slab is hanging on the
    upper slab and it can be replaced when needed because of the chemical attack.

  • Provides additional safety because in case of breakage of the lower slab, the upper slab maintains the continuity of the roof and the kiln can go on working safely.


  • Thanks to extrusions, long and light slabs are possible keeping all the properties. Up to around 1.000 mm span between roof beams.

  • The hangers are protected from the kiln atmosphere, preventing them to be attacked by its chemical aggressiveness.

  • Hangers can be exchanged from the top, without removing any of the roof slabs.


  • Thanks to extrusions, long and light slabs are possible keeping all the properties. Up to around 1.000 mm span between roof beams.

  • Is the simpler and more economical system, suitable when conditions permit: non aggressive atmosphere and relatively low firing temperatures.

  • The light roof provides a good performance in service, limited cost and faster and easier assembly.

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