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Long lasting, low maintenance, energy efficient and
easy-to-assemble complete range of linings for any
possible combination of product, firing system, firing
temperature or firing cycle, with more than 500
references worldwide.
Design can always be adapted for co-existence with
old linings in case or partial or progressive renewal of
existing kiln cars. Design and supply of chassis can
also be offered as a part of a complete turnkey service.


The success of a kiln car starts with a good refractory material, but requires also a careful design of the refractory parts and the whole lining assembly.
Careful attention is paid to the smallest detail. Our designs are full of small features, based on many years of experience, that make our kiln cars more performing and durable. We conceive the kiln car as a whole. A system where each part plays its role. The refractory, the insulation, the chassis and the product to be fired: All is taken into consideration. This approach allows us to provide the best solution to our customers in terms of cost, thermal performance, durability and quality of the fired product.
During the firing process, only the air and the kiln car refractory are in direct contact with the ware. The behaviour of the refractory lining has a direct influence on the heating, firing and cooling of

the ceramic ware.
A performing refractory has immediate consequences:
 - Reduce the rejected material rates
 - Save energy



Whatever your ceramic process might be, Campo / Forgestal offers a cost effective solution for the lining of your kiln cars, from standard product applications where the cost is the most important factor, to the high added value product applications where the high performance is the main goal.
These factors have allowed us to develop innovative solutions for all kind applications:



We study every project to give the best solution, taking into account all the factors that play a role in the working conditions of the kiln cars: handling machinery, fuel, temperatures, atmosphere, product specifications, etc. As these factors are variable on
every installation, the designs are customized for every project.
Therefore we pay a lot of attention to diagnose all the circumstances of a project, with a visit on site to check the particular conditions in case of existing plants.


Innovation and constant improvement has been our drive force since 1993. As a result of this, Forgestal/Campo has developed, a significant amount of innovations in the refractory design that have represented a breakthrough in the kiln car refractory
Some examples are:

Isorresistent bridge type setting support, where the resistance is optimised in every section thus maximizing resistance and air passage.
Hollow setting support that de-couples the heating and cooling of the first layer of product from the kiln car mass. The temperature gradients in the product pile and the losses are minimized.
U cassette support “all-in-one”. Provides improved stability and precision when compared with existing solutions.
H cassette support “four-feet-on-one-support”. Provides a completely flat surface for the H-cassette to sit. Unprecedented stability.
Under deck firing setting support in only onepiece in height.


The quality, performance and price of our products have enabled us to supply and work with all the major main contractors.
For similar reasons independent brickmakers and large industrial groups have trusted Forgestal-Campo. Every day more than 10.000 kiln cars of Campo-Forgestal are working around the world.

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